Bomet Potato ridging ploughs with attachment for ridge forming - 2 rows

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Marca : Bomet
Model : Potato ridging ploughs with attachment for ridge forming - 2 rows
Stare : noi
An : 2018
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Ridging plough with attachment for ridge forming Noctu is designed for ridge forming on the potato plantation and vegetables planted in ridges. It cab used separately or with the attachment which forms and compacts the ridges. Ridging with attachment can only take place till the potato sprouting, because later the elements levelling the ridge can damage the plant.

Legs with spring tines that scarify the soil between the potato rows are fixed to the first beam of furrow plough frame. Skimming tines with coulter and potato rows ridging system are fixed to the second beam. The attachment that forms the final shape of ridges and limits the working depth of teeth is fixed to the rear attaching arms. Side working elements work only on the half of row what means that the furrow plough with working elements placed in three rows forms only two (two-row version) and four (four-row version) ridges. The width of cultivated rows can be adjusted in the rage of 62,5 cm to 75 cm.



U865/9 - 2 rows

Working depth mm 150
Number of processed rows 2
Distance between rows mm 625 - 750
Number of spring teeth pcs 7
Number of ridgers pcs 3
Weight of machine with attachment kg 420
Weight of machine without attachment kg 285
Power demand for machine with attachment
kW / HP 35 / 48

Power demand for machine without attachment
kW / HP 28 / 38

Price for version without forming attachment: 850 € net
4 rows version with attachment: 2250 € net
4 rows version without attachment: 1799 € net

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